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AL-Waseet Adhabi Contracting Est.

Al-Waseet boasts a seasoned team with over a decade of collective experience spanning various sectors including Commercial, Health, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Water, Marine, and Defense. With an average of 10 years of industry-specific expertise, our professionals are adept at addressing diverse challenges and requirements with precision and proficiency.

Committed to delivering optimal solutions, we are constantly engaged in pioneering business activities aimed at exceeding our clients' expectations. Leveraging our extensive experience and forward-thinking approach, we provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients across industries.

As a specialized technology trading firm, Al-Waseet prides itself on offering top-tier products and services that integrate the latest technological advancements. With a decade of industry experience backing us, we ensure seamless execution and superior outcomes for our clients through unparalleled coordination and global support.

Our Vision

To build the most supportive, competent, customer-centric atmosphere, offering our consumers all the advantage to guarantee mutual success, so that we become the Industry Leader

At the heart of our mission is the aspiration to be the leading Facility Management Company in the region. We are dedicated to creating a structured approach that guarantees success in every aspect of facility maintenance and management.

Our Mission

"We aspire to be the cornerstone of excellence in the construction industry, delivering innovative solutions."

  • Pioneering innovation and excellence.
  • Setting benchmarks for quality, safety, and sustainability.
  • Meticulous planning and skilled execution.
  • Commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Shaping the built environment for generations to come.

Our Values

Our team members are our foremost concern, and collaboratively, we have established principles designed to excel in our role within the Facility Management sector.

  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Quality

EHSS Policy

ALwaseet is committed to maintain health, safety, and environmental protection as our foremost priority. We are also committed to the safety of our employees, customers, all those who interface with our products and processes, and the communities in which we conduct our business.


We pledge to protect the environment, circumvent. pollution, and preserve the available resources.


We commit to maintain a safe workplace and we plan and perform our work safely. We are committed for the safety of our employees, vendors, and customers.


We are bound to shield humans, assets, facilities, and secure information within our reach.


We commit to protect human health within our employees and our business community


We promise to accomplish and maintain the required ESSH compliance.

Continual Development

We assure to improve the ESSH performance constantly